Samantha Riches x The Australian Open

August 24, 2022
AO Nights with Samantha Riches in 90 secs!

As a girl who used to live for the time of year when her Nan would come over from England so she would be allowed to stay up and watch Wimbledon with her, working at the Australian Open, is about as good as it gets.

The Australian Open became the annual event I attended each year as a punter, to celebrate living in this city
It started 13 years ago watching on the big screen from Fed Square because I moved here with no money & nothing but dreams to pursue.

Now & for the last few years, my Januarys have been spent, working at & hosting the greatest event on the sporting calendar.

From hosting sponsor activations out on Grand slam oval (2015) to working days and nights as the On-Court MC for both Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena, with Kids Tennis Day and all sorts of fun in between, this year, I was so overwhelmingly thrilled to be asked to host AO Nights with some one I have and still look up to in, Shura Taft.

All of this with a 5 month old, breastfed baby at home!

Looking back, how?! Belief & Support from those around you and within yourself.

AO Nights, Our team is a vibe! I completely love, working with every single one of them & I would not be able to do, what I do, without them.

Thank you for bringing me out the other side of the “New Mum sleep deprived haze” with open arms & lots of laughs.
I have the best of both worlds.

The career, I dreamed of it…and now I’m living it.

See you all at #AO2023

🤎 SR